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Vidya Academy of Science & Technology

A unit of Vidya International Charitable Trust


VAST Central Library

Phone / Email




Working Hours

Central Library 

8.30 am to 7.00 pm (on all working days)

9.00 am to 1.00 pm (on VICT declared holidays)

The College Library consists of a Central Library with Departmental Libraries and has a growing collection of over 31,040 books in various branches of Engineering, Technology and Sciences. There are also plenty of books in Social Sciences and Literature. The Library is housed in an area of 1764 m2 and has a well equipped Digital Library and Computer centre.

  • 99 Reputed National Journals are also being subscribed to provide latest information in Sciences, Engineering and Humanities.
  • Library provides online access to 232 e-journals (IEEE, ASCE, and ASME).
  • Digital Library facility has e-contents of Faculty publications, conference proceedings, teaching notes, slides, previous University Question Papers.
  • Digital Library is equipped with 19 computers with all modern digital services available.
  • An exclusive Computer Centre is available adjacent to the digital library. The Computer Centre is equipped with 61 computers.
  • We have an average daily attendance of 180 members and an average transaction of 260 books per day.



Mr. P C Girishkumar




Ext : 274

Ms. Surabhi M S

Assistant Librarian


Ext : 275

Mr. Arjun K

Library Assistant

BSc, HW & Network Certification

Mr. Aneesh M A

Library Attender


Ext : 258

Mr. Ajith K A

Library Attender


Ext : 258

Mr. K Vijayanarayanan

Library Attender


Ext : 258

Mr.Praveen Chandran

Library Attender Gr. II


Ext : 258


Titles & Volumes @ VAST Central Library

Course Branch Titles Volumes

ENG. &


CE 1225 3861
CSE 2294 4680
ECE 1366 4611
EEE 1159 4406
ME 1329 5077
PE 925 2875
    8298 25510
M C A Computer Application 1432


Total 9730 31040

List of Journals and magazines

Library Rules

Working hours

Central library remains open from 8.30 am to 7.00 pm (on all working days)

Central library remains open from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm (on VICT declared holidays)


General Rules

1. Students are advised to preserve the books properly and refrain from marking or spoiling them.

2. Any misbehavior or non - return of books in time will lead to loss of library membership.

3. Photocopy facility is available in the campus at a nominal charge.

4. Books will be issued only on the production of the valid user I.D card.

5. Users are requested to verify the physical conditions of the book before borrowing.

6. Users are requested to deposit their bags or belongings on the personal belonging shelves.

7. Usage of mobile phones is completely prohibited for students inside the library

8. Users are required to observe silence inside the library.

9. Users are required to switch off the lights and fans when not required or leaving the reading hall.

10. Misuse of library facility is an offence and calls for punishment as decided by the competent 


10.Users are required to keep the library neat and tidy.

Borrowing Privileges and Rules


B. Tech , M. Tech


6 14 Days
2 each 7 days


a) A student can retain a borrowed book for a maximum period of 14 DAYS from the date of issue

     without paying late fee.

b) A borrowed book should be returned on or before the 14th day after the date of issue. However a

    student can avail the facility of renewal (2 times). The book should be RENEWED before the due date itself.

c) After renewal a student can retain the book without late fee for a further PERIOD OF 10 DAYS

    (Totalof 34 days (14D+10D+10D)).

d) If a book is not renewed on the due date the student will have to PAY THE LATE FEE as specified


e) Books shall be renewed provided the same book is NOT RESERVED by others. Reservation of

     books shall be done through web catalogue available in the campus.

Late fee for over due books:

No Applicable period Late fee payable at the rate of
1 1 to 14 days Nil
2 15th to 21st (inclusive) Rs.1 per day per book
3 22nd to 28th (inclusive) Rs.3 per day per book
4 29th onwards (inclusive) Rs.5 per day per book


Borrowing Privileges (STAFF)

The following categories of members are entitled for borrowing books from the Library as per the details given below:-



Teaching & Non-Teaching 2 each 7 Days


Reprography and Printing Services

Reprography and Printing Service Photocopying Service is available to users @Rs. 0.49 (single side). Computer printing service @ Rs.0.80 (A4 both sides).

Internet Service at Common Computer Centre/ Digital Library (9.00 am to 6.00 pm)

  • Internet facility is open for all students of this institution.
  • Identity card is required and should be exhibted visibly inside the Centre.
  • Students should enter their name and details in the register before browsing the internet
  • Students are advised to make use of this facility only for their academic activities.
  • Usage of internet, DTP, scanning services will be limited to ONE HOUR ONLY.
  • Footwear & other personal belongings need to be left outside.
  • Walking,Standings inside the centre is not allowed
  • Using of Mobile phones, personnel Laptops are not allowed inside the centre.
  • PRIOR Permission to be obtained for using CD's and Pendrives.
  • Noise levels should be always at its LOW all times in the Centre.
  • Students must ensure the system is SHUTDOWN and also the Lights & Fans are poweroff mode after use.
  • Students must keep the centre clean and arrange the chairs properly after use
  • Additional facilities/ privilages on services shall be provided on authorization from respective Tutors/ HODs.




  • Students can borrow 6  books, 2 CD-ROMs, 2 Journals for two weeks.
  • A borrowed book should be returned on or before the 14th day after the date of issue.
  • However a student can avail the facility of renewal (2 times). The book should be RENEWED before the due date itself.

Reference: Reference section remains open from 9 a.m – 7.00 p.m .

Internet Facility: Library provides Internet facility to all students of this institution

in computer Center from 9.00 Am to 6.00 Pm. Students are advised to make use of this

facility only for their academic support.

E - Journals (Online Electronic Journals): The college library is subscribing to the online journals of IEEE, ASCE and ASME.

Digital Library: DSpace

As part of setting up an excellent collection in digital library, library maintains question papers of the previous years,Teaching materials,project & seminar reports of previous years, curriculum of all branches in DSPACE. DSPACE is an institutional repository built to save, share, and search various study materials prepared by faculties of VAST.

NPTEL(National program on technology enhanced

learning):  Library subscribes NPTEL which is a joint initiative by all IITs and IISc


containing web and video course contents for more than 230 engineering courses in 5


disciplines. NPTEL can be accessed @


Reprography Services: Photocopying service is available to users @ Rs. 0.49

per page.


Students Area



           IEEE Journal List Link to Website ]

IEEE All Society Periodical Package (ASPP)  : IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package (ASPP) –  Over 169 IEEE online society-sponsored journals, transactions and magazines.

ASCE Journal List Link to Website ]

ASCE: – American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) . 35 e-journals, Back file access – since 1983.

ASME Journal List Link to Website ]

ASME: American Society for Mechanical Engineers- 28 e-Journals, Back file access since 2000.



Vidya Academy of Science & Technology

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