Eco club play an important role in creating enviornmental awareness in the college.Motive of this club is to spread awareness about the enviornment & train the students to be conscious about the enviornment for which we have.
The eco club had a great vision "See Green, See Life" ahead as it is an enviornment free from pollution and green enviornment where we can breath freely & live freely



  • Nature Trail For Students
    NSS unit conducted a nature trail in vazhani dam to know about the bio diversity.The students learned many facts about the varied flora and fauna found there.
  • Herbal Garden
    To popularise the usefulness of commonly available and frequently used herbal plants and to conserve the associated traditional knowledge for future generations,and encourage students to use herbs in food maked a herbal garden in college.
  • Earth Hour Campaign
    Earth hour 2015 on saturday march 28,from 8:30-9:30pm.Started the campaign for encouraging individuals, communites households and business to turn off their non essential equipments for one hour