• Eco Week Celebration
    The week-long celebration of the Eco-week began on 1st September.It started with the speech given by the Principal Dr.Sudha Balagopalan .This was followed by the 'Green pledge' taken by the Eco club members.After this eco club members are cleaned the 'Nakshatra vana' .
  • Organic Vegetable Garden
    Farming vegitables organically, without pesticides and herbicides,"Fresh food is the best food".
    Waching a seed blossom under our care to become food on our plate is gratifying. Growing our own food is one of the most purposeful and important things a human can we maked a Organic Vegetable Garden in' Kadhali vanam'.

  • Cultivation
    *Lady's finger cultivation
    Planted more than 50 plants of lady's finger plants and harvested it.
    *Tapioca Cultivation
    Plantes more than 30 plants of tapioca and harvested it and saik the tapioca in the college at the rate of 20 rupees per kilogramm
    *Banana Cultivation
    More than 50 plants of banana plants are cultivated and harvested it and sail th products from it.

  • Earth Hour Campaign
    Earth hour 2015 on saturday march 28,from 8:30-9:30pm.Started the campaign for encouraging individuals, communites households and business to turn off their non essential equipments for one hour
  • Herbal Garden
    To popularise the usefulness of commonly available and frequently used herbal plants and to conserve the associated traditional knowledge for future generations,and encourage students to use herbs in food maked a herbal garden in college.