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The time is always right to do what is right.

- Martin Luther King, Jr.


This website is an effort of NSS volunteers and PO's. Please let us know your valuable suggestions, feedback, comments, corrections (if any).


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Team Lead : Sajin C Sabu

Designers : Krishnaprasad K K, Mohammed Sabith, Pranoy Narayanan

Coding and Debugging : Sanjeev K G, Vishnu M S

(NSS Batch 2014-16)


Special Thanks


Mr Shali K R (Server Administrator)

Mr Uday Babu P (Asst. Professor, VAST)

Mr Jayakumar T V (Asst. Professor, VAST)

Mr Anil Melepurath (PO)

Ms Aswathy P (PO)

Mr Vyshak Udayashankar

Mr C J Athul Shankar

Ms Varadambika A

Ms Anushri Achuthan

Mr Subhash P